Lead from Any Seat Keynote

Motivate and Engage Your Workforce

What would your company look like if everyone was driven by continuous improvement? What if everyone was motivated to make a difference? 

According to a recent Gallup study, less than one-third of Americans are truly engaged in their job in any given year. They define engaged employees as those who are involved in their work, enthusiastic about coming to work, and committed to their workplace.


In other words, over two-thirds of employees don’t really care much about their jobs. These are the people thinking about lunch and waiting for the clock to hit 5 p.m. These are the people who are either checked-out or just going through the motions. I interact with them every day and I know how miserable they are; all they do is complain about everything. Would you like this bunch of people working for you? 

I can help you motivate employees at all levels of your organization to stop complaining about things that are broken and start initiating change using the continuous improvement tools and tips that I also described in my latest book:  LEAD FROM ANY SEAT: 10 Ways to Get More Involved in Your Job, Make a Lasting Impact, and Advance Your Career Fast.

The message is perfect for off-sites, lunch-and-learns, or conferences. Sessions are fast-paced and participants will walk away with insights they can use immediately to start challenging the status quo and initiate change in your organization.

Get your employees excited about continuous improvement.