Harness Internal Know-How

When you are committed to continuous improvement, the only constant is change. But by nature, people are afraid of change and resistant to it – unless they are actively involved in the process.

The absolute key to successful continuous improvement is the participation of the entire workforce – not of external consultants who conduct an analysis, instruct you on what to do, and then leave. In fact, it was developed by Toyota to resolve their own challenges internally and it has become a gold standard.

Harnessing internal know-how by engaging your employees in problem solving and process improvement activities is key to creating a culture of continuous improvement. But don’t panic, I am not advocating chaos and confusion. Lead From Any Seat is a learn-and-apply training and mentoring approach that guarantees quick results because the participants use the continuous improvement tools on real projects (not case studies) as they learn them. 

The result is a double win: employees learn tools that they can apply to future assignments and you can see tangible benefits shortly after the training is complete.

Streamlined, standardized, and well-documented business processes with proper controls in place may sound like a long shot, but it doesn’t have to be. And you don’t need an army of consultants to achieve it. Lead From Any Seat will partner with your existing workforce to achieve long-lasting results while your employee engagement scores will soar in your next survey.

Prefer online training? Live and on-demand online webinars are also available. 

Organizational transformation requires empowerment and participation at all levels. 

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