I am Andrei Anca, the founder of Lead from Any Seat. I have been a change leader for over a decade, helping organizations across many industries—including retail, banking, automotive, and manufacturing— achieve excellence through process improvement.

As a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, I led countless process improvement projects and I trained and mentored employees from all levels on applying continuous improvement tools. I also worked with external consultants dressed in Armani suits who left behind abundant PowerPoints with findings and directives that never got actioned. 

I came to realize that the key to successful continuous improvement is the participation of the entire workforce. The front-line employees who perform the actual work are the ones who know the business best and have invaluable improvement ideas. They just need empowerment, motivation, and mentoring. 


I created Lead from Any Seat with the purpose of motivating employees to stop complaining about things that are broken and start initiating change in a structured manner using proven continuous improvement tools. 

I take pride in motivating people to take initiative and to adopt a continuous improvement mentality. 

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