The Five Whys Analysis

Have you ever experienced a problem that refused to go away, and you thought you fixed? Sooner or later it returned, maybe in a different form. How annoying! 

Recurring problems are often symptoms of deeper issues. "Quick fixes” seem convenient, but only solve surface issues and waste resources. Five Whys Analysis is a problem solving tool to move past symptoms and identify the true root cause(s) of a problem. 

The Fishbone, aka the Ishikawa Diagram

When we experience a serious problem, it's tempting to jump to solutions, isn’t it? Not so fast… First we need to explore all the things that could have caused it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could solve the problem completely the first time? 

The Fishbone can help you add structure to 

a problem solving brainstorming session. It combines brainstorming with mind mapping.

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