Continuous Improvement Workshops

In Japanese, “kaizen” means “change for better." In business, kaizen refers to any activities that improve the functions of a process. 

Kaizen events are focused efforts to improve a process quickly, involving both the management and the workforce. The events span from one to three days and are about achieving several incremental changes that yield large cumulative results over time. 

Kaizen events not only help you build a continuous improvement culture, but they also result in focused problem solving that ensures business stability and growth when performed regularly.

Effective kaizen events are a prerequisite for a successful lean transformation. They provide the necessary momentum, organizational learning and engagement, along with sustainable improvements.


Professional facilitation is key to a successful kaizen event. Failure to choose a good facilitator can lead to unproductive events, as the attendees become confused and stop participating. A good facilitator keeps the team on track to achieve the best possible results. 

Our vast knowledge in Lean techniques and philosophies, paired with our experience in running these types of events guarantee sustainable process improvements.